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The Felicity Street Annals - Book 1: First Day

A children's book. Which every adult should read.

It’s okay to be weird.

Meet the kids of Felicity Street.

There’s Belinda, Celeste, Kevin, and Percy. All of them — except Celeste — live on Felicity Steet in the Johannesburg suburb of Buxton Park. Each with their own lives, hopes, and dreams.

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Discovering Leigh.

A Dark Romance

When the safe and familiar leaves Leigh feeling empty, she finds true satisfaction is in discovering darker desires.

With original photographs by the author.

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Defining Giulia.

A Darker Love Story

Unrequited love leaves room for another in Leigh’s heart... and bed.

With original photographs by the author.

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Chronicles of a Reluctant Widower

A memoir on Love, Death, and Life

In December 2020 my wife, Andrea, died of breast cancer.
This sucks.  

I’ve a lot to say about this matter, actually!

And boy, say it I did.

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Images From the Novels

Both Discovering Leigh and Defining Giulia contain original photographs to enhance the experience of the text.  Depending on which version of the books you have (Standard paperback, Amazon paperback, or eBook), different photographs appear in different versions.  I’ve put all the images contained in the books in these two galleries.

Be aware though that the images in the galleries are most definitely not safe for work, and contain depictions of full-frontal female nudity, bondage and restraint, and other depictions which may be triggering to sensitive viewers.

Galleries: Discovering Leigh Galleries: Defining Giulia


Musings: Personal life, writing life, kink life, and just... life.
Me with my wife, Prim, and pups Laszlo and Laika

Gerry Pelser

Occupation: Artist.
Medium: Pixels & Words.
Genre: Beauty

I discovered my creativity at an early age when I refused to colour inside the lines, and who said the trees needed to be green and brown, anyway?  When I was seven years old, I used my mum’s IBM golf-ball typewriter to write my first story, for which I got a hiding (it was the 70s) because I erased her letterhead setting.  I also (badly) illustrated this story and read it aloud in front of my second-grade class.  I have always liked to write, and I dreamed of one day writing that Great Novel ™ (Preferably before I was fifteen and buying a Ferrari Testarossa with the winnings).

However, I enjoyed drawing more than writing.  Despite numerous short stories and big dreams, I decided to study art instead of letters.  At art school, I decided I liked design more than art, and I followed a career in design, especially the brand new ‘web’ design thing.  After fifteen-odd years of speaking to inanimate objects, I discovered I liked photography more than design and became a professional photographer.  The Great Novel ™ had still not been written, and dreams of a Testarossa gave way to dreams of making the rent payment.

In the meantime, I had gotten married (under a solar eclipse in the North Pole - no, really!) to a beautiful lady named Prim, got myself the two coolest Hungarian Puli Dogs, and life became beautifully suburban with a three-bedroom house with a nice big tree and a nice big lawn and even a nice big solar-heated pool. I gave lectures and workshops in photography, got myself the reputation as ‘the master of light’, and in 2015, I published a photography manual: From Snapshot to Hotshot (which is now outdated and in desperate need of a re-work.)

I should have been happy.

But I wasn’t.  Life doesn’t like middle-aged and allegedly responsible adults colouring outside the lines.  In 2017, life and all its trials and tribulations got too much for me.  The ghosts of my past started haunting the present, and I had two suicide attempts.  Obviously, these were not successful, and thanks to a loving wife - who coloured inside the lines so I wouldn’t have to - and a handful of capable shrinks, I was bought back from the precipice.  In an attempt to regain what passed for sanity, the Great Novel ™ was back on the table.  With my mum’s golf-ball IBM typewriter but a memory and replaced by Microsoft Word, several hundred thousand words later, my first (publishable) work of fiction was born.  Three years later, the second long-form novel saw the light.

Discovering Leigh and Defining Giulia are stories of friendship, love, self-discovery, and bondage.  Inspired by a lifetime of colouring outside the lines, they are tales of finding love in unusual spaces.  I’m proud of my work and the only thoughts of suicide I have are those to prevent others from doing it.

In December 2020, my wife died of breast cancer, leaving me shattered.  The thinnest sliver of silver linings is that bereavement and creativity make great bedfellows, and I published the critically acclaimed Chronicles of a Reluctant Widower in December 2021.  Life has taken me on many strange paths since then, and new dreams and novels are being created.

Between doing the weekly grocery runs and playing with my dogs, I’m writing more fiction, taking more photos, and still dreaming of the Great Novel ™.  ...and paying the month-end bills.

And somehow, in all of this, I managed to find a little bit of happiness.