Galleries: Defining Giulia.

In Discovering Leigh, I did not want to show photographs of the model’s faces, as I was weary of creating an image in the reader’s mind as to what Leigh McCabe looks like.  The imagination is better than any photograph.  However, in Defining Giulia, I had no such qualms.  For the simple reason that the character of Giulia Hoffmann is based – in physical form, at least – on a very real person: my friend Michaela, fondly known as ‘slinky’ – with a lower-case-s.  All images depicting Giulia are images of slinky, and the rest are all depicted anonymously by models who have very graciously allowed me to use their images in my books and website.

All images are used with permission from the models and/or their guardians.  I’d like to stress that – like my novels - while all these images are stylized, all of them are ‘real’.  None of what you see here is fake.  The knots are real, the handcuffs are real, the situations are real, and even the Cartier Love Bracelet is real.  I value authenticity, and playing make-believe, even in the highly creative environment of the photographic studio, is not high on my priority list.   Consent is though.  All images were made with the consent of the models.

Model credits (In order of appearance):  Prim & Laszlo (My wife and my doggie), slinky, GeeGee, Raven Rose, Lady Jane, Sulette, Mila, Ami-Raine, Zizi Katz,

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to make beautiful photos of you, and then allowing me to put them here and in my books.