Galleries: Discovering Leigh.

Discovering Leigh PolaroidI pondered long and hard if I want to put the photographs depicted in my books here.  My main concern was I do not want to create a mental image in the readers’ mind as to what Leigh looks like – which is why the photos in my books never show the eyes.  Apart from the photos of Giulia, but that is another story.  However, I have decided the reader may feel cheated seeing only over-edited photos in skeuomorphic polaroid form.  The on-page photos add depth to the books, but it robs something of the integrity of the photographs.  Thus: herewith the full images as the appear in Discovering Leigh in their original form.


All images are used with permission from the models and/or their guardians and/or their estate.  I’d like to stress that – like my novels - while all these images are stylized, all of them are ‘real’.  None of what you see here is fake.  The knots are real, the handcuffs are real, the situations are real, and even Mila’s headgear (A photo-session I’ve organised specifically for Discovering Leigh) is real.  I value authenticity, and playing make-believe, even in the highly creative environment of the photographic studio, is not high on my priority list.   Consent is though.  All images were made with the consent of the models.

Model credits (In order of appearance):  Lower-case-s-slinky, Ami-Raine, Mila, Sonel, Carla soSassy, Raven Rose, Lady Jane, Ice Queen, Bronwin, Nisha.

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to make beautiful photos of you, and then allowing me to put them here and in my books.

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