Photographer Leigh McCabe has it all. Or so she thought. An unlikely chance encounter in a nightclub left her heart racing, and her mind confused, as she realises that there is a deep, fundamental hole in her life that needs to be filled.

Happy-go-lucky IT-lackey Mikey Marais is living his dream, a life he never thought possible.  While he may be sitting behind a desk eight hours a day; on Saturday nights, Mikey transforms into his alter ego, ‘Sir Michael’, a persona whereby he can live his life in an environment where his singular tastes are not just tolerated, but celebrated.

Thanks to the unique skills of Sir Michael, Leigh is led into an adventure she never knew existed, and from the dingy, dirty inner city streets of Johannesburg to the breathtaking beauty of the African wilderness, they explore the limits of friendship, love, lust, betrayal and self-discovery.

The only question is: What would Leigh’s boyfriend Wayne think of all this?

The very unusual, yet totally human and believable characters of Mikey and Leigh, make their respective stories authentic, endearing, and absolutely unputdownable.

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Coming of Age

What does it mean to grow up? To be a woman? To be a man? What are the rites of passage one needs to fulfil to make the transition from child to adulthood? How do you even face yourself when you haven’t? How do you find the courage when you do? Would you even want to? And where does betrayal lie in the self? When you resist, or when you succumb?


What is beauty? Are there standards that one must meet by societal standards in order to be beautiful? Can one fall short of those standards and still be beautiful, or is your best hope to become merely interesting? Is beauty always in the eye of the beholder, and if so, what if the beholder is yourself? Can you face the face looking back at you in the mirror, and if not, can you learn to? Or are you just fooling yourself?


How is friendship defined? By the simplicity of shared value systems? By a meeting of the minds, or a meeting of the soul? When does the interpersonal bond between two people move beyond friendship into something deeper? And if it does, is it love, or simply infatuation? How would you know the difference? How would you know if, and when to act? Would you even gamble on moving beyond friendship and risk it all?


How do you fall in love? How do you choose between those who tickle your body, and those who excite your mind? What choices are open to you, and how do you make those choices? What would the consequences be? Or is it all mere fantasy and infatuation, and how would you know the difference? Or is it instead all just appealing to primordial fascinations and lust, and grandiose concepts like ‘love’ does not even come into it?


What is the fascination in domination games? What are the freedoms to be found in physical restraint? Why is indulging in mental control so much easier when imposed by someone else, or is that a mere illusion. Is the world of BDSM all you think it is, or is there a softer, more feminine side to it? Is it about kinky sex, or is it a doorway to self acceptance and deepening of mundane every day experiences? Does any of it matter at the end of the day?
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5 reviews for Discovering Leigh.

  1. Angela

    One of the most riveting books I have read in the last few years. It drew me in and made me want to explore this alternative lifestyle. Very well written. I await the sequel.

  2. Monet Smith

    So honestly, this is not a book I’d normally read. at all.
    But this is not a book you can classify in any type of genre, honestly. It’s such a unique book, that it really is a one of its kind.
    Discovering Leigh. is definitely a book that I really struggle to put into words. It’s NOT just about BDSM and the laws and theory behind it. It is a book full of emotional conflict, questioning the mold society sets for you, discovering yourself and understanding your world better.
    Gerry creates a world where characters are relatable, understandable, and likeable. Not only can I see into the heads of the characters, I can also understand how and why they make the decisions they make.
    The part I love the most is the fact that his characters are completely human. Their good sides, and bad sides are put on display, and where you usually cringe when you see the flaws of the characters, in this book you love them.
    The book is not overly romantic. But it’s a beautiful romance novel. The way you fall in love, the way you start loving someone, the way you lie to yourself and the way you become honest with yourself is really well captured in this book, which makes it so special to me.
    As the book progresses, Leigh (obviously) discovers aspects about herself and she becomes comfortable with these new discoveries. You can see how it starts to influence her whole life, how she changes in small ways and eventually, she has to undergo the ultimate test to see if she stays true to herself.

  3. Martin

    EL James unleashed 50 Shades of Grey on the world. In an instant the world got the over-commercialized and popularized “Mommy Porn” idea of the concepts of BDSM. This is Pelser’s second book, his first being a work of non-fiction, and his foray into the realm of fiction is pretty damn good for a debut. Pelser challenges the “50 shades” view with Discovering Leigh. This is a beautiful read. Leigh is described so beautifully that one can easily fall in love with her. A love story that is as kinky as a coil spring.
    Gritty and raw and true to the craft. Dear reader, if you are exploring your kinky side, feel free to read EL James first. Then watch “The Secretary” with Maggie Gyllenhal and James Spader. Then ground your newfound views with Discovering Leigh. An exceptional exploration of that which we don’t want to talk about . As they say on the paperbacks: “Two Thumbs Up”

  4. Nevina

    I started reading this book with few expectations, except maybe to have new insights because I have never equated pain with pleasure or vice versa. I have completed my fourth reading of the book, simply because I wanted to understand it fully. And am I glad that I did. Being completely new to BDSM (and most naïve, I might add), I always knew there was something about it that I was drawn to. This book explained it beautifully. Not only, it is written well, and I must compliment the writer on the following: character development was excellent – I like how these characters became real to me with their past, their present, their frailties and human failings. I particularly like how their failures become their strengths and that it’s okay to not make it the first time – life or shit, happens. The simple, yet detailed explanations about BDSM brought it to life for me – particularly the rules. It was most insightful and I like how the ‘deviant’ (a word I don’t like as an adjective but works perfectly as a noun) is now becoming mainstream for me. I’m very interested in exploring more about this alternate existence because the book makes it real and normal. The book is an excellent read – a story about self-discovery, love, betrayal, with some violence thrown in for good measure. What it is mostly about though, is being true to yourself, whoever and whatever that may be! Embrace it.

  5. Kirsten

    This is not just a “tie her up and have your way with her book”. There is so much more to it. Such a beautiful, honest, real story with relateable characters. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down. This is an absolute must read!

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One of the most riveting books I have read in the last few years

Angela Schurink - Goodreads

I fell in love with the leading lady - the beautifully-written Leigh. There were times that I cried for her, times that I wanted to scream at her, and times when I was really jealous of her. She is human, with all the flaws, insecurities and infinite beauty that comes with being human.

Dulaine Stander - Goodreads

Some Stellar Writing

Andrew Christie - Books & Everything

I’m very interested in exploring more about this alternate existence because the book makes it real and normal. The book is an excellent read – a story about self-discovery, love, betrayal.

Nevina - Goodreads

View Discovering Leigh on – 4.8-star rating