Discovering Leigh.

When safe and familiar leaves Leigh feeling empty, she finds true satisfaction is in discovering darker desires.

A Dark Romance – With original photographs by the author.

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Desperate to escape her ordinary existence, if only for a night, Leigh McCabe dances her woes away in an underground nightclub where she is introduced to Mikey Marais—in his Saturday-night guise as ‘Sir Michael’: a master of Shibari and a connoisseur of Dominance and submission.

Eager to explore the enticing new world Mikey offers, Leigh embarks with Sir Michael as her instructor on a scandalous and secretive journey.

As he explores her mind and body from behind the lens and beneath the sheets, she discovers more than just the inherent pleasures of deviant desires; she unlocks parts of herself she never knew: parts now refusing to stay buried, and which make her feel whole for the first time.

While Sir Michael connects with her on more than a physical level, he has secrets of his own. An inner demon is scratching at the surface, and she’s been the only one close enough to discover his truth.

But when a past lover returns to stake his claim, Leigh will not only have to choose between the two men she loved, but also the woman she wants to become.

How far will she go for love?

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Amazon Paperback: 6×9, 384 Pages.  South African paperback: A5, 424 pages.

The Story

A story of friendship, betrayal, growth, discovery, love, lust, and bondage.

The Heroes

Leigh McCabe, a fiery redhead with an eye for beauty and a presence of sophistication. But living her dream life as a photographer is not all glitz and glamour. Something is missing.


Wayne Holmes, a tall handsome scuba instructor with a Steve McQueen smile and Tom Hardy tattoos beguiles Leigh at her most vulnerable.


Mikey Marais, unassuming and laid back IT lackey who turns into “Sir Michael” come Saturday nights when he assumes his persona as a master of Japanese rope Bondage.

The Location

From dingy inner city seedy nightclubs in central Johannesburg to the beaches of Mozambique to the open expanse of the African plains, this tale takes place not just in the physical world, but delves into the deepest of the subconscious mind and questions human emotions.