The Felicity Street Annals – Book 1: First Day

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It’s okay to be weird

Meet the kids of Felicity Street. There’s Belinda, Celeste, Kevin, and Percy.  All of them — except Celeste — live on Felicity Steet in the Johannesburg suburb of Buxton Park.  Each with their own lives, hopes, and dreams.

It’s a new millennium, and the four kids face the biggest challenge of their lives:  the first day of high school.  New uniforms, new teachers, new lives.  Together, they confront the trials adolescence brings.  Bullies, academic pressures, sporting achievements, nonsensical rules, discipline (or the lack thereof), parental relationships, and discovering their hidden desires which hallmark the human journey between childhood and adulthood.

Is there more to Belinda than a mere pretty face?  What secret is Kevin hiding on the rugby pitch?  Does Percy’s arty side mean anything, or is it just a distraction?  And what happened to Celeste’s mother, anyway?

In an authentic and relatable journey which explores the deeper meaning of friendship, the kids of Felicity Street discover themselves — and each other — through turmoil, humour, triumph, disaster, sexual awakening, and high drama.  Not to mention several slices of pizza, a few cans of Coke, and a sugared almond.

The Felicity Steet Annals – Book 1: First Day is the first volume in a series of four which unpacks teen angst and the trauma of adolescence in a story which is heartwarming, horrific, humorous, dark, and ultimately life-affirming.

It’s a children’s story.  Which every adult should read.

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The Felicity Street Annals - Book 1: First Day iPad and paperback

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