Defining Giulia.

Unrequited love leaves room for another in Leigh’s heart… and bed.

A Darker Love Story – With original photographs by the author.

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Available 18 May 2021

Leigh McCabe has had a taste of the dark side and there is no return to normality: as a master of Shibari and a connoisseur of Dominance and submission, Mikey Marais has shown her pleasure in restraint and pain.

But the student turns teacher as Dominance beckons to the sub.

The beautiful and innocent Giulia Hoffmann is ready to spread her wings and escape from her mother’s rusty cage. She convinces Leigh to take nude photos of her to prove to her controlling mother that she’s her own woman now.

Leigh cannot deny the stirring of desire the extraordinary Giulia causes. Leigh uses her as a photographic model; excited to share her seductive new world and explore a taboo relationship with an eager, submissive woman.

Love knows no bounds, and no gender. Leigh finds herself caught between her submissive instinct and the thrill of the Domme. Between a man’s control and a woman’s delicate touch. Her body and soul. Heart and mind. Darkness and light. While helping Giulia discover the pleasures of deviant desires; Leigh becomes addicted to what it feels like to be loved by a woman’s touch, and the rush of dominating someone so eager to submit.

However, Mikey saved her life physically and emotionally, and Leigh can’t bear to lose him. But she knows she can never love him completely, and Giulia may need her too much.

How will Leigh choose? Can Giulia reconcile? And What will Mikey make of all of this?

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Amazon Paperback: 6×9, 386 Pages.  South African paperback: A5, 440 pages.