I’m Back. Again.

2020 was what could politely be referred to ‘a mess’.  Several things went incredibly wrong, and my life has changed permanently after the trails of the last year.  (My mother, my godfather, and my wife died within four months of each other–yes, I’m a mess)

Least of which was that I had a technical error on my website, and I lost the entire thing.  In my distress and confusion, I even managed to lose my backups!

During the first few months of 2021, I slowly cobbled most of myself, and my website, together again.  The website not quite complete as yet, with several historical blog posts that still needed to be re-uploaded, and a slight refinement of my new corporate identity.  And set up my newsletter—cannot seem to get the darned thing working right!

The news is of course that the sequel to Discovering Leigh is due on 18 May.  Defining Giulia is my pride and joy, and the most powerful thing I’ve ever written.  The book is available on Amazon on either Kindle or paperback (Pre-order for now!), and directly from me.

And oh: audiobooks of both Discovering Leigh and Defining Giulia are being recorded though iBilion Studios—so for those of you with long commutes and little time to read; the audiobooks will be available shortly.

And that’s it for now!

Keep safe.


Gerry by Vincent van GadPS: The really awesome line-drawing of me was done by a street artist, Vincent van Gad, who cannot draw to save his life, but manages to capture the essence of his subjects like nobody else.   I was smiling when he drew me, do not know why I look so glum.

Follow him on instagram.